The X063X Mouse from Hawley's Mouse House

Two 1983 mice: Microsoft and Hawley

Two 1983 mechanical mice: Microsoft and Hawley

These are both mechanical mice. The Microsoft so-called green-eyed mouse on the right is a small comfortable mouse. The Hawley mouse beside it is very small, about 2 X 3". Judge for yourself the ergonomics. The Hawley Mouse is held by the fingers rather than the whole hand.

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the bottom of the Hawley X063X Mark II Mousethe Hawley X063X Mark II Mouse label

Two little stainless steel ball bearings glide the mouse. The larger ball provides the cursor bearings.

The Hawley X063X Mark II Mouse label:
SER. NO.       07305
The HAWLEY X063XTM Mouse
protected by numerous U.S.
and foreign patents.

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