Inside the X063X Mouse

enlarged view inside the X063X Mouse

A round black housing encloses the stainless steel ball like a ball bearing that must be about 1/2 or 7/8" across. Three red switches for the buttons are embedded in three black blocks. The mechanism that was considered too fragile for the Apple folks to mass produce must be the orange cylindars with the five fine contact wires. As the ball rolls and turns the cylindars, the gold or brass treads contact the wires. It looks as if it should play a tune like a music box.

I found a black Hawley mouse that was designed for an Atari on a now gone Atari Historical Society page. It had an earlier number stamped on it. My beige one is 07305 and the Atari one was 03254.

Please write if you have any info or anecdotes about these mice.

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