The X063X or Xerox Mouse

the Mouse House in compstyle font like an old ad
I made a replica of the Mouse House logo typed with the compstyle font as it was in an old ad for Hawley's X063X Mouse. Of course, the 3-ring mouse head is part of the logo, too.

the X063X name in compstyle font   the XEROX name in compstyle font
It's no accident that the X063X Mouse's name nearly mirrors the XEROX name. Jack Hawley had worked on the Xerox mouse as a consultant during 1971 and 1975 when Xerox PARC was developing its Alto and Star mouse. Inside the Alto mouse next to the ball housing is etched HAWLEY-XEROX MOUSE. His ads boast,

"After all, we invented our first digital mouse in 1972... Purveyors of fine digital mice to an exclusive clientelle since 1975." (Stanford Making the Macintosh)

With a resolution of 200 ppi, the Mark II sold for $400.
The X063X is pretty silver, blue and red on the inside.

the Hawley X063X outside the Hawley X063X inside
The Hawley X063X Mark II Mouse

Under the X063X hood >Hawley Mouse icon

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