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Mouse Bus Cards

Microsoft developed its bus mouse card with its InPort chip and Logitech developed its own bus mouse card that was comaptible with the Microsoft mouse. They were installed in an 8-bit ISA expansion slot inside the computer. Using the mouse port freed up the serial port for other peripherals. The mouse contained no microprocessor, rather, logic on the card registerd mouse events. Bus mouse plug. Bus mouse port.Microsoft standardized to the D-ring and 9-pin round bus mouse plug which inserts into the 9-hole bus port.

The Logitech Bus Mouse bus board came in two types of connectors: DE-9 socket connector and the 9-pin Mini-DIN Connector, round with a bar on one side (pictured).

Mouse bus cards.
Logitech (C)1987 bus mouse card (left) and a later Microsoft In-Port™ (c)1986-1989 (right) mouse bus card, considerably downsized.

Apple developed its own mouse card, the Apple Desktop Bus. The ADB plug is configured as a 4 pin mini-DIN connector.

ADB mouse plug.
Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) mouse pinout diagram courtesy of user Mobius at Wikipedia.

Microsoft mouse bus card.
Microsoft™ In-Port mouse bus card Copyright 1986 - 900-255-018 Rev G. Photo by Ian Wilson courtesy of user Redgrittybrick on en.wikipedia; available under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Microsoft In-Port mouse bus card.
Microsoft™ In-Port mouse bus card

Logitech mouse bus card.
Logitech mouse bus card

Apple Mouse Interface card.
Before its ADB standard, Apple used the Apple Mouse Interface card and its DE-9 socket port (1983).