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Hawley Mark II X063X "Licorice" Mouse

Thanks to Dave Lilley for sending the "licorice" X063X mouse from Redding, California, for inclusion on oldmouse.com.

The "licorice" mouse must be younger than the "vanilla" mouse, judging by its serial number 07350. Whether the serial numbers are strictly consecutive or renumbered for different versions is up for speculation. This black mouse has a heavier cord insulation, nearly twice as thick as the earlier one. Apparently the Mouse House upgraded the fragile insulation after seeing that it wore at the joint. The black insulation has cracked off where the cord exits the mouse, but a second layer of white insulation still protects the inner rainbow colored wires. The plug consists of 9 pins.

This mouse's user wore a smooth shiny spot on the left side of the textured black plastic case where the thumb held it. On the same side the bottom corner of the metal sole plate shows wear too. There are no gliders on that wrist end where the main weight of the hand falls. But, the large ball still glides smoothly even though the interior of the mouse was very dusty.

The buttons still click nicely. They have aged from bright white to a golden tone. These buttons and case are the reverse colors of the "vanilla" mouse. Below the three buttons a black square label with a white outline reads, "ENTER, SELECT, CANCEL" and a triangle arrowhead above each points to one of the buttons.

Hawley Mouse for VisiOn

A few licorice Hawleys have shown up on the Web. An article from Byte in 1983 [displayed at Digibarn] pictures an early IBM computer running the VisiOn graphical user software with a Hawley mouse whose buttons bear illegible labels, maybe ENTER, SELECT & CANCEL as on the "licorice" Hawley. VisiCorp's own branded mouse by Mouse Systems has two buttons labeled "SELECT" and "SCROLL." That mouse is another tale...

Hawley Mouse for Atari

The Atari Historical Society used to have a page showing an adapted black Hawley mouse with white buttons attached to the front controller port of an Atari 800. Rich Pasco had written a driver for it but Atari users favored their joysticks.

Hawley Mouse for Symbolics

Peter Paine ([1] [2]) calls the black and white Hawley mouse an early Symbolics mouse since he used it on a Lisp system. He considers it "A piece of precision engineering, note twin commutators and brushes. It still works as well as any modern mouse - the solid steel ball and ball bearings has a momentum and feel which can make tracking different in pleasant ways."

More X063X Mouses

Three X063Xes are distinctively colored, each has a tale:
'vanilla' Hawley mouse icon white with black buttons - serial no. 07305
'licorice' Hawley mouse icon black with white buttons & label - ser. no. 07350
'jellybeans' Hawley mouse icon black with tri-colored buttons - serial no. 10154
Hawley X063X mouse icon Hawley intro

An early Hawley Mouse House 3-button mouse
Hawley Mark II X063X black mouse with off-white buttons


Hawley wheel mouses
Mark II X063X mouse
Three X063X flavors:
'vanilla' Hawley mouse icon vanilla
'licorice' Hawley mouse icon licorice
'jellybeans' Hawley mouse icon jelly beans
Hawley X063X mouse icon Hawley Mouse House
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