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Hawley Mark II X063X "Vanilla" Mouse

The "vanilla" mouse is the earliest of the three Mark II mice pictured on oldmouse.com, judging by its lower serial number 07305. The insulation on its very thin black cord has cracked off where the cord exits the mouse, revealing tiny rainbow colored wires. Otherwise, the mouse shows no external wear. But, the large ball makes a faint grinding noise when rolled. There is no way to get inside the ball housing to clean it.

The inside of the XO63X mouse has 3 switch boxes, a casing for the ball, and 2 drums

The case top is an off-white plastic, barely darkened from the faintly green tinged white interior. Its three black buttons make a nice clicking action. They are so close on this 3-¼" X 2-1/8" box that they must have been a bit of a challenge to use over long periods.

This side of the XO63X mouse innards reveals one of the rotating drums

More X063X Mouses

Three X063Xes are distinctively colored, each has a tale:
'vanilla' Hawley mouse icon white with black buttons - serial no. 07305
'licorice' Hawley mouse icon black with white buttons & label - ser. no. 07350
'jellybeans' Hawley mouse icon black with tri-colored buttons - serial no. 10154
Hawley X063X mouse icon Hawley Mouse House

An early Hawley Mouse House 3-button mouse dubbed the 'vanilla' Hawley
Hawley Mark II X063X off-white mouse with black buttons

The Xerox Star mouse and two Hawley X063X mouses are similar in size
Left is the Xerox Star mouse next to two Hawley X063X mouses

Linup of the parts in the X063X serial no. 07305
Plastic case, buttons, and mechanism of the X063X serial no. 07305

Hawley DEC mouse
Mark II X063X
Three X063X flavors:
'vanilla' Hawley mouse icon vanilla
'licorice' Hawley mouse icon licorice
'jellybeans' Hawley mouse icon jelly beans
Hawley X063X mouse icon Hawley intro