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Depraz Mouse Encore

Suncom Crystal Mouse

For Suncom Technologies' perhaps only foray into mouse manufacturing it produced the Suncom Crystal Mouse. That transparent dome shaped mouse with two sides shaved off for thumb and fincers is clearly a descendant of the Depraz mouse. Or is it?

A tiny image of a transparent Depraz mouse is identical to the case design of the Suncom Crystal Mouse photo in a privately published document. Three buttons rest at the desk edge of the dome to the right of the cord, which is not centered as on later mice.

The Suncom Crystal Mouse was advertised as the "clear mouse choice." The name Crystal speaks eloquently for the stunning peek at the ball, wires and circuit board. It claims compatibility with the dominant mouse softwares of the day: Microsoft (two buttons) and Mouse Systems (three buttons).

In InfoWorld Jul 29, 1991 the Suncom Crystal Mouse lists for $69.99. It was still being reviewed in May of 1992 but seems to have disappeared after that.

Depraz P4 Mouse & Digimouse Architecture

The interiors of the Depraz P4 Type and a later AT&T one labeled as Digimouse are similar to each other despite material changes. The former's tan circuit board disc covers the top of the mechanism. Likewise the younger AT&T Digimouse's round green circuit board hides its ball.

The clear view of the Suncom Crystal Mouse, however, displays a ball in its socket right under the center of the dome and lots of coated wires poke out around all, clearly viewed through its clear case. The only black and white photo suggests the circuit board sits at the bottom of the mouse, encircling the ball housing like a doughnut. Whether Depraz produced the Crystal Mouse is hard to verify without getting one to disect.

Logitech Mouses

P4 Mouse
Dépraz mouse
Transparent Dépraz

Depraz Mouse design from patent
Depraz Mouse design (modified) from Patent Des. 282,848.

Two Depraz Mouse interiors
For comparison, two Depraz Mouse interiors. (Left) Lebeled inside: DEPRAZ MOUSE TYPE P. (right) Labeled inside: DEPRAZ D83P 50 526/04. These interiors look nothing like the Crystal Mouse's interior on display through its clear case.