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Natico Originals Clear Desk Computer Mouse

Natico Originals Clear Mouse iconIn 1991 a round crystal clear mouse was produced by Natico Originals. It is about an inch wider in diameter than the later iMac round mouse, even a little wider than the round DEC mouses of the late 1980s.

Its slim profile outclasses the klunky DEC shape, presaging the stylish iMac semi-transparent mouse of 1998. With its ice blue scroll wheel, light grey ball visible in the center, and black chips on a white motherboard it's a clean design. Two slim buttons flank the scroll wheel.

The mouse utilizes the PS/2 mouse port.

The Natico Originals Clear Mouse is still being marketed in 2013. At one time it was branded as the Kohls Transparent Computer Mouse.

The company did not answer a request to use its promo photo.