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Transparent Mouses

See-through computer mice used to be created as prototypes during the development of the devices, but the cases of the production models were opaque plastic, most often a shade of beige. Photos of a clear Hawley mouse [external link] and a three-button Apple prototype [external link] can be found on the Web and several transparent Lisa mice reside in at least one private collection. When a few manufacturers marketed clear mice, at last curious users could see the mouse workings without taking the mouse apart and risking getting it back together improperly and/or, gasp, voiding their warranty.

Transparent mouses seem to have inspired the transluscent variety in later years. Here are a few in the album.

Logitech - ClearCase Mouse Logitech ClearCase Mouse

Microsoft - Serial-PS/2 Compatible Mouse Microsoft clear Mouse

Midasonic - Level Mouse Level Mouse icon

Apple - Pro Mouse Apple Pro Mouse icon

Suncom Crystal Mouse Suncom Crystal Mouse icon

Natico Originals Clear Mouse Natico Originals Clear Mouse icon

Macally iSweetNet Macally iSweetNet Mouse icon

Optical 3D Mouse Red crystal heart shaped optical mouse

Some clear mouses around the Web:

Four mice with transparent cases
Four mice with transparent cases: Logitech, Microsoft, Midasonic, Apple