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Mouse Systems

Collection of Mouse System MousesMouse Systems, formerly Rodent Associates, became MSC and then sold to Kye, owner of the Genius brand. The company's logo changed from a mod font early on to crisp italicized block font with a wedge of cheese, to an abstract triangular double mouse icon over block font.

Among the companies for which Mouse Systems produced OEM mouses were VisiCorp, Imsi, Quadram and Sun Microsystems. Other brands of its own include PC Mouse, A+ Mouse, A3 Trackball, MSC and ProAgio.

Mouse Systems Mouse Index & Tentative Timeline

1982 Steven Kirsch founds Mouse Systems Corporation, formerly Rodent Associates

1982 Steve Kirsch' optical mouse demo at the Mini/Micro '82 conference in Anaheim

1982 M-1 black Mouse Systems Mouse M-1 black Mouse Systems MouseFirst Mouse Systems logo

1982 Visi On Mouse M1_2button_T.jpg Mouse Systems Mouse for VisiON

1983 PC Mouse

1983 Sun Mouse Second Mouse Systems logo

1984 M-2 Mouse / PC MOUSE with Pop-up menu software M-2 Mouse / PC MOUSE Mouse Systems logo

1984 A+ Mouse for the Apple IIc A+ Mouse Mouse Systems logo

1984 Sun Microsystems Sun Type 3, M-4 Mouse Sun Microsystems M-4 Mouse

1984 PC Paint Mouse Systems logo applied for trademark 1983

1986 M-3 PC Mouse Bus Plus or M-3 PC Mouse-serial M-3 Mouse

1986 April Steve Kirsch left Mouse Systems

1987 M-4 PC Optical Mouse M-4 Mouse

1988 OMNIMOUSE Opto-Mechanical Mouse MSC OMNIMOUSE

1990 KYE Systems Corp. acquired Mouse Systems Corp. (MSC)

1991 Sun Microsystems optical mouse Sun Microsystems Type 5 Mouse

1992 PenMate PenMate

1992 NewPoint trackball

1993 A3 Trackball Mouse Systems A3 Trackball

1995 ProAgio, the first mouse with a scroll wheel ProAgio Scroll Mouse

Metal Gridded Mouse Pad