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A3 Trackball

Mouse Systems' A3 Trackball is best described by the text on the box, which was dated 1993.

The A3 Trackballl gives you ultra-smooth fingertip control for your Mac!

The A3 Trackball features 3-Button Power TM for three times the functionality. Imagine saving a file by clicking the right button, printing a file by clicking the center button, and using the left button to "point and shoot."

Now you can have instant access to your favorite commands. With the A3 Trackballl you can assign any key sequence (Macro) to any button for the ultimate in functionality.

If you're looking for the ultimate in control, accuracy, and comfort get your hands on the A3 Trackball. You'll be amazed at its smooth fingertip operation, high-resolution accuracy, and natural ergonomic shape. Plus, it's A/UX, Mac X, X Window, and Mac OS compatible!


  • 3-Button Power TM control panel for three times the functionality.
  • High resolution (680 dpr*) three-button trackball
  • 100% A/US, MacX, X Window and Mac OS compatible
  • Multiple Mode operation -- Standard Mode for left and right arrows and standard point-and-click operations, 3-Button Power TM Mode for executing your favorite commands (up to 40 key events), Latch Mode for drag and open operations, and MacX Mode for Unix functions
  • Sleek ergonomic design for hours of comfortable use
  • Small footprint saves desk space
  • Re-assignable buttons for right- or left-handed users
  • Lifetime limited warranty (see inside for warranty specifics)

System Requirements:

  • All ADB Macintosh computers: Centris, Quadra, Power Book, Performa, Classic, LC, II-series, SE and SE/30 models.
  • Operating System: 6.05 or later for 3-Button Power TM control panel, and 6.0 without.

This package Contains:

  • A3 Trackball
  • Mouse Systems software on a 3.5" diskette
  • User's Guide.


Mouse Systems A3 Trackball packaging
Mouse Systems A3 Trackball back of package.

Mouse Systems A3 Trackball
Mouse Systems A3 Trackball.

Mouse Systems A3 Trackball
Bottom of Mouse Systems A3 Trackball.

Mouse Systems A3 Trackball packaging
Mouse Systems A3 Trackball front of package.

Label on the trackball's back:

Serial No.: 9400328
Made in Taiwan, R.O.C.