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Sun Microsytems Mouse

Sun Microsystems was founded in the same year Mouse Systems was, 1982. Mouse Systems provided Sun with the optical mouses M-1 through M-4, customized the connectors for its workstations and added the Sun brand as OEM mouses.

Indeed, for Steven Kirsh's optical mouse debut at the 1982 Mini/Micro conference, he demonstrated the mouse wired to a Sun workstation as well as an Atari, winning an award for the best new product.

Sun Type 4 Optical Mouse 370-1169

Sun Type 3 Mouse was Mouse Systems' model M-4 is branded with the Sun logo on the front. On the back label the MOUSE SYSTEMS brand appears in block italic font with the two triangular styled mouses in outline and black. Along with the MSC numbers and the mouse's serial number, Sun received its own production number. Inside the numbers 301276-001 Rev B are in earlier versions. The inside of the mouse in this photo reads W101822-001 REV 52.

The label on the back reads:

US Patent 4364035, 4546347
MCS 401162-0297B
S/N: MSC CU073755
SUN 370-1169-01

The seller said, "This mouse was original equipment on a Sun Model 3/60. This computer was a top of the line workstation back in 1989." A newer M-4 was also used on Sun 3/80 and Sun-4 systems but it used a mini-din connector.

It came with a metal reflective 7 3/4" x 9" grid pad of very fine grid # NCV 402105-003 which was essential for its operation.

The Sun Type 3 Mouse cord plugged in via a modified RJ11 connector. It looks like a phone connector with a little brass knob on either side.

This Sun M-4 inside reads:

MSCTechnologies, Inc
REV 52
ASSY 801022-001 

Sun Type 5 Mouse

The Type 5 mouse for Sun was a departure from the rectangular Mouse Systems' M-1 through M-4. Mouse Systems, presumably, produced this optical mouse for Sun with the cord end rectangular, the wrist end rounded and a convex top. It came in two-tone beige and lavender, with three skinny buttons. It promoted only Sun's logo on the front and back. Technologically it also differed from the earlier optical mouses, having only one optical hole near the front of the mouse. Its round mini din connector has only three pins.

The bottom label has 4 regulatory stamps and reads:

Sun (+ logo)
5VDC--- 15mA
MSC No.: 403876-01
Model: Type 5
SUN No.: 370-1398-03
FCC ID: CWE403356
S/N: MSC FN303721

DOC Class B  Vfg. 343/1991  Made in U.S.A.

Top of the Sun M-4 mouse for Sun Type 3
Top of the Sun M-4 mouse

Sun M-4 mouse for Sun Type 3
Sun M-4 mouse

Bottom of the Sun M-4 mouse for Sun Type 3
Bottom of the Sun M-4 mouse

Inside the Sun M-4 mouse for Sun Type 3
Inside the Sun M-4 mouse

Top of the Sun Type 5 mouse
Top of the Sun Type 5 mouse

Sun Type 5 mouse
Sun Type 5 mouse

Bottom of the Sun Type 5 mouse
Top of the Sun Type 5 mouse