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NeXT Computer

The NeXT Computer debuted in October 1988, priced at $6,500. It was known as the cube for its shape and ran a UNIX software. The later "slab" NeXTstation was known for the shape of its case likened to a pizza box.

Original NeXT Computer Mouse

The rectangular black mouse for the black system connected to the monitor with a round mini-din plug with 8 pins. Its ball sits toward the wrist end of the mouse. Two square buttons form the top front edge of the case near the cord.

NeXT logo.The top of the mouse sported the four-color cube logo, designed by Paul Rand.

The bottom label reads:

NeXT Computer, Inc. Redwood City, CA
U.S Pat. No D305,331
Listed accessory for use with 
NeXT Monitor, model N4000A
Made in Japan

The design claims for the mouse patent: "The ornamental design for a mouse for a computer, as shown and described."

U.S. Patent Number D305,331
Mouse for a computer
January 2, 1990
Hartmut Esslinger, Los Gatos, CA
NeXT, Inc., Palo Alto, CA
Application Number: 07/21,415
Application Date: June 30, 1988

Round NeXT Computer Mouse

The rounded NeXT mouse, black also, perhaps aims for a more hand accomodating shape which summons a spaceship to mind. Two buttons flare in a tapered curve off the cord end of the circular body. Its NeXT logo on the top simply etches the outlines of the design into the mouse with no color. With its ADB plug (round with 4 pins and a plastic block) this mouse ought to be Mac-compatible.

Its label:

Model: N8003
NeXT Computer, Inc., Redwood City, CA
Made in Japan

Two NeXT mouses.
Two styles of NeXT mouse.

Two NeXT mouses.
Bottoms of two NeXT mouses.

Two NeXT mouses.
A NeXTstation with the original mouse. Photo by Alexander Schaelss from Wikipedia licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

Patent No. D305,331.
Patent No. D305,331 for NeXT computer mouse.